Sunday, November 22, 2009

Small matters compared to what lies within (us).

Full frontal introductions are so gratuitous, don't you think?

Here. Let's pretend we're at...hmm...a burlesque show. And I'll do a slow reveal, with plenty sparkles and bits of wild flair (& maybe pasties?). I'll just launch into into a little dance (well, lots of little dances, over time), with some music in the background (haven't you always longed for a perfectly cued & orchestrated soundtrack running through the peaks & valleys of your life? and who would be your conductor? You'll learn mine; I can't tell you now, though - we're not there yet.) and soon - voila! - you've got a full view of the woman behind the curtain.

So far, you know I'm into parentheses. And today's bonus: just like this gal, I'm blonde, too. Unlike her, I have a shirt on. Sorry, dudes.

Made by Lena